Get Scot as a Speaker

Get Scot to speak at your group or function for a nominal fee (Contact Scot).  Scot is always looking to spread the message of Freedom and Liberty.

Format is powerpoint presentation followed by Q&A or a more informal discussion of the topic led by Scot.

Scot suggests one of the following topics, but any chapter of the book can be used.

  • Overview of the Book
  • 1st Amendment and Religion
  • Homosexuality and Marriage
  • Judges vs the Constitution
  • Immigration and the American Ideal
  • Free Will and the Law in the Bible
  • Comparing Evolution and Creation Theories
  • God's Death Penalty
  • Constitutional Roles of State and Federal Government
  • Social Justice, Health Care and the Constitution
  • Convention of States: A constitutional approach to amend the Constitution
  • Voting Strategies for a constitutional conservative
Thankyou for considering Scot as a Speaker.