Restore the Foundation

The Bible and Constitution Made America Great
by Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens
provides detailed solutions for national issues facing America today.

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The Foundation of America is the Bible and Constitution 
  • The Bible is a life-guide for citizens. (No government enforcement)
  • The Constitution is the ultimate law and a contract between citizens and government. (Government enforcement)

America's  past success is a result of citizens' free will
  • God gave humans free will. 
    • Expressed in US Declaration of Independence
  • The US Constitution maximizes free will by limiting government. 
    •  God's Old Testament Government was small and limited.
Welfare and Healthcare
  • Use of government force  to help others is not biblical.  Voluntary action by followers of God is.
  • The federal government cannot constitutionally administer these programs.  States may do so.
Abortion, Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage
  • These acts are biblically immoral.
  • These acts should be regulated by states  as there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to regulate.
    • Per the 10th Amendment.
ImmigrationCongress determines whether to grant citizenship; Federal agencies and states are to enforce the law.

The 1st Amendment:  The federal government may NOT interfere with a citizen's religious expression.

  • Judicial rulings should follow the Constitution.  Many have not.
  • The President should nominate and Senate should confirm only judges who will follow the Constitution.
    • Those judges who do not should be impeached. 
  • Voters must hold their Senators responsible for their confirmation votes.

American citizens will get the government they vote for. Will it be constitutional and freedom promoting in the future?

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